Race Articles

Race Articles

2010 President's Trophy Air Race

Isn’t amazing how the years fly by quicker than a turbo charged Lancair as we get older. Just finished the President’s Trophy Air Race 2009 in Bloemfontein and, as we were catching our breath, we found ourselves in Rustenburg getting ready for the PTAR 2010.

2009 President's Trophy Air Race

Neels van Deventer and Solly Pretorius, flying a Cessna 172D, are the winners of the 2009 Suzuki President’s Trophy Air Race, one of the premier events on the South African aviation calendar.

The Gauteng-based duo pipped the Cessna 182P of Fabian Cairns and Wade Gomes to the post after a closely contested battle that saw adverse conditions and strict handicaps put many of the fancied crews out of contention. Third place went to the Lancair 360 of Dave Mandel and Rod Crichton.

For Van Deventer and Pretorius, who fly out of the Kitty Hawk airfield near Pretoria, it was a dream debut in what is generally considered the toughest air race on the calendar.

2008 President's Trophy Air Race

Vliegkoors, The Meercat and PTAR 2008

A Participant's Story of the Race - by George Brink

As usual vliegkoors ran high leading up to the 2008 Presidents Trophy Air Race to be held at Witbank from 28 to 30 May 2008. Doctors orders were, 1 dose of PTAR and the vliegkoors should subside for another year. Our entry was in, in Jan literally minutes after entries opened, but Murphy would play a huge role in this year’s annual PTAR pilgrimage…

2007 President's Trophy Air Race

Article by Robin Spencer-Scarr, Pictures by Dirk de Vos & Chris Breet

Race 81 – Quinton Warne and Lloyd McKayRace 81 – Quinton Warne and Lloyd McKayThe morning was crisp, clear and freezing cold. The nervous energy on the Klerksdorp Airfield could be felt miles away as the sound of more than 100 aero engines combined with the smell of burning Avgas heralded the arrival of the contestants on their way to do battle in the skies of the North West Province.

2006 President's Trophy Air Race

2006 Bank President's Trophy Air Race

Held at Klerksdorp - 25 to 27 May 2006

Competition Director Kassie Kasselman at the Thursday evening briefingCompetition Director Kassie Kasselman at the Thursday evening briefing"The Most Prestigious Aviation Event in South Africa" and "The Largest Air Race in the World". These are some of the words used to describe the President's Trophy Air Race. The 2006 Race did not disappoint.

This year showed a record entry of 110 aircraft, the largest ever. In fact this number will probably not be exceeded without a change to the format of the race as there is a limit of the number of aircraft that can safely land on an airfield over the short period of time as is required on day 2 of the Race.