21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 09

The weather which was predicted on the weekend to be raining all week, has fortunately taken pity on the championship, and given us good visibility with high cloud, and the only unpleasant aspect is the cold weather.
An early start to the day found the first group of pilots in the briefing room at 8:15am
Team South Africa provides not only one of the largest contingents of pilots for the competition, but also a larger number of judges and volunteers than any of the other countries, with the exception of the hosting country. We have Jacques Jacobs, a highly respected and experienced judge, specializing in the landings, Arddyn Moolman who has been judging for several years and has also served as manager, and Chelsea de Klerk who has volunteered for the last few years and is now due to receive her International Judge badge. Supporter Ursula Schwebel has also been roped into volunteering for the week, and has also been a great assistant to the manager.
Most of the pilots were very unhappy with their flying today, and hopefully , if the weather holds and we manage to get two more days’ competition in, it will be scrapped, and days 2 and 3 will be used. Mary was the winner of the day, Frank second and Barry third.
The route was quite frustrating as it went over huge forests in Poland that are very difficult to navigate over. Very strong gusty winds also blew some of the aeroplanes off track, making flying itself very hard work. They also found that a lot of the features look very similar to other features that were off-track, which led the pilots astray, resulting in their missing some of the “secrets” and some turnpoints.
We are regarding today as a serious exercise, and hope to learn from our mistakes today.