21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 07

A lovely sunny clear day, but rain is predicted for the next week! Today was scheduled for official landing practise, and this went off without a hitch. The first set, which was a flapless glide, was completed with a constant wind, and Thys and Frank made 2 of the handful of “bingos”. Then the wind picked up, and became a gusting cross-wind, which havoc with the final approaches for the barrier landings. This resulted in some hair-raising landing styles, and Thys took the prize for the most entertaining landing, coming in on the landing strip behind the spectators, and turning onto the competition runway at the last minute, and landing just a few feet behind the bingo line. We were so proud to see that he was placed third overall in the landings. For the team score, we came fourth, behind France, Poland and Czech Republic.
After lunch at the airfield we had a bit of a break in the afternoon, and then gathered for the Official Opening Ceremony. Children dressed in quaint traditional Sorbian dress greeted us as we exited the hotel, and led us country by country into the town square. There we were addressed by the mayor of Bautzen, the President of German Aeroclub Klaus Koplin, and Competition Director Ralph Grunwald.
We had some team photos taken in our green-and-gold, and then went back to the hotel where we were treated to champagne, and then a buffet of local traditional dishes. We were all in high spirits after our excellent performance, and this been a tremendous confidence booster. Thys was the toast of the night, and we are now even more confident than before that we can win fourth place in at least the landing division of the competition.
The rain prediction has forced the organisers to re-think the arrangements for tomorrow, so instead of the first navigation rally, we are going to do the landings instead, and these will only start in the afternoon, so we are all really excited to sleep in a little later tonight.