21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 02

Day 2 of our practise week:-
Today was much the same as yesterday, but today we were prepared to spend the day grounded, and Captain Frank had all the photos and practise routes ready. The idea was to do the routes on Google first, so that when we fly them we can focus on timing. We also did a few photo-recognition exercises, and we all agreed that these exercises, which Leonard prepared before we left SA, have been of immense help. Ron, who has always complained that he struggles to find photos, is now finding more than some of the other pilots.
We had a General Briefing today by the Competition Director, which basically told us what we already knew – that there would be no flying today, and that the weather would improve tomorrow. However, we smelt a rat when he also told us that the barbeque which was scheduled for Wednesday would now be held on Thursday because of the weather. So we are not too optimistic about being able to fly tomorrow morning.
Hans provided his own printer from his house in Germany, but being unused for so long, he and Frank struggled to get it working, but finally, after many hours, they got it working.
Arriving back at the hotel early, we went for a bit of a walk-about in the search for an eisbein. We were then informed that we were not likely to find one as it is not a local dish. Undeterred, we walked the streets of the medieval part of the town, and were directed to a mustard restaurant. Bautzen is famous for its mustard, and this restaurant was exactly what we wanted, and also had esibein on the menu. 10 eisbein were ordered, and it was absolutely delicious, melted in our mouths, with sauerkraut that was totally different in taste to what we are used to. This was a real impromptu team-building event, and we even perfected our plan for our team song, which has been in planning stages since our trip from Frankfurt. We will present it tomorrow to the rest of the world, and I will report on its success in my report tomorrow.