21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 08

We were able to sleep in a little longer this morning, due to the expected rain and the briefing was held and hour later than usual. The landings were delayed until 1:30 this afternoon when the clouds lifted enough to the required minimum altitude for visibility. The temperature dropped as the afternoon wore on, and the judges and manager and assistant were exposed to freezing cold weather as we watched and judged the landings.
The first two landings (normal landing and a barrier landing) put team SA in a very good position, with zero scores from Barry (2) and Frank and Mary 1 each. The rest of the team all scored very well too. However, the next two landings (glide with flaps, and glide without flaps) proved more difficult, and only Hans made good landings in all four categories.
Much criticism has been levelled at the German Landing System, but video footage taken by Cally demonstrated its accuracy. It’s a fact that the eye is slower than the movement of the aeroplane, and therefore most landings appear to be 2 m ahead of the actual point on the ground where the aeroplane touches down. This definitely appeared to be the case, and the spectators soon learn to judge the landing 2m behind where they thought it to be.
When we arrived back at the hotel we download the video footage, and were impressed with the quality of the iPhone video. It is of great assistance to show pilots how they landed, and what their landings look like from the ground.
The final Landing Competition Results put Czech Republic in the lead, with their pilots coming 1st and 2nd, previous Polish pilot Michal Wieczorek in 3rd place, a surprising 4th and 5th place by the Swedish team, and Hans Schwebel of SA 6th. Mary de Klerk came 17th and Thys van der Merwe in 25th place.