21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 06

Another sunny, warm day found the South Africans at the airfield by 8 am, putting in some early landing practise, and flying the last of the three official practise routes. The navigation results are looking really good, but the timing is still a problem with all of the teams.
The landings are going really well, which is probably a testament to the fact that we have put in a lot of practise in this area, both at home and in the last few days. We have high hopes for some of our team members in this area, as both Ron Stirk and Hans Schwebel have claimed first and second places in this section of the competition in previous years.
The first official General Briefing was held this afternoon, after which we all donned our team shirts and posed for photos in front of one of the large banners, and in front of our aeroplanes.
The most exciting thing that happened today was that Barry de Groot’s son, Dean, who is working on a boat in the Mediterranean, jumped on a flight and arrived in Frankfurt, hired a car and drove through the night to surprise his dad this morning at breakfast. It was a very emotional reunion for everyone, and Dean will be staying with the team for the weekend.