21st World Precision Flying Championships - Day 01

Dear Supporters
Day 1 of our practise week:-
Ten of us arrived in Bautzen yesterday, excited to fly a few practise routes, but the weather is not co-operating. Rain, extreme winds and cloud predicted until Wednesday. We then hoped to at least get some landings in, but were again disappointed that only one of the 4 aeroplanes that we ordered are at the airfield. Frank and Hans were eager to help the organisers to fetch them, but bad weather prevented them from accomplishing even that. Henk’s aeroplane, is close enough to fetch but is being repaired. This problem (of the aeroplanes not being available from Day 1 occurred at Spain as well, and we are going to have to address this issue next year before we spend money arriving early and sitting around waiting for planes to fly).
Otherwise, all is great. The hotel is very nice, and we had a really delicious breakfast (which is very important as we are going to be eating it for two weeks). When the organisers at the airfield eventually got the cafe set up, they served us really good veggie soup with a bratwurst.
The venue is a very strange airfield. It was built as a military airbase during the Cold War by the East German government, and has a very spooky air about it. There are a lot of derelict buildings, which are constructed in the typical communistic style (grey, tiled, low-ceilinged and totally devoid of any character). The registration and communal room building has a very eerie atmosphere, and is a bit dark and dreary. However, in true South African style we brightened up the room with our flags and personalities and before long it was buzzing with noise.
At the moment, we are in one of the hotel’s conference rooms, and Frank is trying to set up a photo recognition workshop (one of those that Leonard sent to us).
Tomorrow we are hoping for a break in the weather long enough for us to fetch the aeroplanes, and if we are really lucky, even fly a practise route, or practise a few landings.
Goodnight from a grey, chilly, drizzly Bautzen.
Cally (Team Manager 2013)